"Don't worry. You'll get used to the smell" - The History and works of Tannis Root

"Don't worry. You'll get used to the smell" - The History and works of Tannis Root

The history and works of Tannis Root, a month-long exhibition at the WaterFire Arts Center Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island.

As the curator and visionary behind the exhibition, "Don't Worry, You'll Get Used to the Smell" - The History and Works of Tannis Root, I was thrilled to give you a glimpse into the heart of that immersive journey. The month-long showcase, produced by FADED and Tannis Root Productions, offered a profound exploration into the remarkable career of Tannis Root.

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Unveiling the Legacy:

The exhibition not only exceeded our expectations but also offered visitors a profound exploration into Tannis Root's workflow. From the early days of experimenting with screen printing techniques to crafting iconic designs for legendary bands like Redd Kross, Nirvana, Hole, and Sonic Youth.

What made this exhibition stand out was its immersive approach, delving into Tannis Root's distinctive workflow. Handwritten letters exchanged with artists, films showcasing the photography process behind iconic t-shirt designs, design sketches, hand-screen printed test posters and t-shirts, stickers, sneakers, and various other goods were intricately displayed. A particularly captivating section included video clips of movies, hardcore shows, and other iconic moments from the punk scenes, playing on one side of the wall. This immersive experience allowed visitors to witness firsthand the inspirations that fueled Tannis Root's creative brilliance.

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The exhibit offered an intimate glimpse into the meticulous process that gave rise to some of the most iconic visuals in modern music history. By immersing visitors in these elements, the exhibition created a profound connection to the vibrant cultural landscape that influenced and shaped Tannis Root's iconic designs.


The Curatorial Success:

As the curator, my aim was to guide visitors through the nuances of Tannis Root's creative process. The positive reception and engagement from visitors underscored the success of this endeavor. Witnessing the audience connect with the intricacies of Tannis Root's journey, as curated by the collaborative brilliance of Bill Mooney, Barbara Herring, and Mike Carter, was truly gratifying.

Sergio Aguila's contribution from Nic Fit + Sonic Life Archive added a unique layer to the exhibition. His personal collection of one-of-a-kind merchandise and ephemera enriched the narrative of Tannis Root's influence on the cultural landscape.


Your Participation:

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For those who joined us on this journey, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Your presence added immeasurable value to the exhibition, making it a true celebration of art and creativity. 

This exhibition was a labor of love, a collective effort to pay homage to the creative spirit that drives us forward. I am humbled by the support and enthusiasm that surrounded "Don't Worry, You'll Get Used to the Smell." Together, we celebrated the enduring power of art to shape our cultural landscape. Until the next creative rendezvous, thank you for being a part of this extraordinary journey.


Exhibition Details:

Dates: August 24 to October 8, 2023
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 24, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Venue: WaterFire Arts Center, Providence, RI

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