About us

Champagne Room With Sinatra is a concept created by Joseph and Chloe three years ago. It all began with a wardrobe brimming with t-shirts, collected over the years, and a shared desire to show this collection to the world.

Our primary focus lies in the essence of each item—their appearance, texture, and, most significantly, their cultural significance. Our curation of vintage pieces and the development of original concepts underscore our dedication to aesthetics and design.

Clothing, in our view, stands as one of the most profound forms of self-expression. It serves as a mirror reflecting how we connect with others, be it through music, art, or personal interests. In the realm of Champagne Room With Sinatra, we prioritize not only the garments themselves but the stories they tell and the connections they foster. 

This is us, this is you, this is Champagne Room With Sinatra.